GT Kids

Contact: Rhonda Higgason or Heather Adams

Nursery (newborn through 2 years)

There are few ministries in the church that have as direct an impact on successful ministry as the nurseries. At Grace Temple, we believe that the nurseries are not only vital to the success of the church, but a life-imparting ministry both for the children and the nursery worker.

Children from Newborn through 2 years old are nurtured, overseen, and prayed for in a loving and caring environment while their parents enjoy worship services.

Nurseries are provided for both Sunday services and Wednesday night service every week. Additionally, there are generally nurseries provided for special events at Grace Temple.

gtKids (3 years - 4th grade)

gtKids is our Sunday morning program for children. While their parents are downstairs, children have their own worship experience designed and built JUST FOR THEM.

Preschoolers (ages 3 through Kindergarten) are divided into two classes on Sunday mornings. In both classes, they enjoy interactive teaching, songs, crafts, and are ever monitored by our trained and qualified preschool staff.

1st-4th GRADES
Children in the first through fourth grades may be brought to the “check-in station” up to fifteen minutes before each service. From there, they will be escorted to their classrooms where they worship together at their level. They are given Biblical training and have appropriate video games and board games set up just for them, all while being watched by trained and dedicated volunteers who have a passion for your children's growth.

Wednesday night Bible club (Pre-K - 6th grade)

On Wednesdays, children are divided by grade/age level for dynamic teaching, interactive games, arts and crafts, and carefully supervised play during our Wednesday Night Bible Clubs.