Creative Arts

Contact: Pastor Jason

The Creative Arts includes any ministry that is an inspired expression of worship. Everyone involved in the Creative Arts is considered a “worship leader”, whether you are singing in the choir, running sound, playing an instrument, acting in a drama, translating a worship service or leading a song. It all contributes in the experiential service to engage the congregation and lead them into the throne room.

At Grace Temple, we understand worship to be a lifestyle—one that encompasses weekly singing and praying as a gathering of church family as well as more subtle aspects of our everyday individual routines. We desire to provide an opportunity for you to share your musical & artistic gift by providing a nurturing, creative, Holy Spirit-filled environment. We expect you to have a heart of worship towards God and a desire to be part of a growing, dynamic team of worshippers.

We invite you to join us as we continue to find new ways to worship our Creator, both inside and outside the church walls.

Our Vision

Our vision is to seek excellence in worship as we create an atmosphere for the presence of God. We strive to grow in one accord musically, creatively, and spiritually through our pursuit of the word and commitment to one another in prayer.

Band Info

The Band is made up of musicians, on a rotating schedule, who play and minister during our weekend services and help us create an atmosphere for the presence of God in all worship services. In addition to sharing your musical gift through praise and worship you’ll discover a community where you can connect and an opportunity to grow through Bible study and prayer.

Requirements: Core Requirements and Audition with Creative Arts Pastor.

Skills Required: Be able to read Charts or Sheet Music & being knowledgeable and experienced in your chosen instrument.

Vocal Info

The vocal team is made up of gifted singers who have a passion to serve Jesus and the church. This team helps to lead the congregation in worship and set the spiritual temperature for the services. It is your Section Leaders’ and Director’s goal to provide a caring, nurturing environment for personal and spiritual growth as well as voice coaching. Even if you think that you cannot carry a tune, our job is to help you grow in your musical ability. Your only job is to being willing to let God use you in ministering to the church. (The teams of vocals include Choirs, Song Leaders, and Backup Vocals.)

Requirements: Core Requirements and Audition with Creative Arts Pastor and/or the Choir Director

Skills Required: Be teachable and committed

Drama Info

Join us as we bring the Word of God to life in a real and powerful way. Help us craft an experience in the worship services that will deeply impact the congregation with a timely message. The Drama Team works both in live performances and on video. Actors, writers, directors, artists, makeup artists, seamstresses, designers, and craftsmen of all kinds are welcome.

Requirements: Core Requirements and Audition with the Drama Director and/or the Creative Arts Pastor.

Video Team

The Video Team is an extension of the Drama Team and the Tech Team. It includes individuals who would like to run cameras during service and occasional special events as well as helping with visual presentation and dramas for impact or promotion. Leadership positions can possibly evolve into direction and editing.

Requirements: Core Requirements and Evaluation Meeting with the Service Director and/or the Creative Arts Pastor.

Tech Team

Do you enjoy working behind the scenes in a high tech environment? The Tech Team helps create visual and audio enhancement for all services. The team is an extension of the Worship Team and has a major role in leading the worship service. Whether you enjoy creating a beautiful backdrop for the worship service, working behind a camera, or shaping the sound of the music behind a sound board, you will find a place to let your skill flourish as you plug in to a community. No previous training or skills are required; we have an extensive training program that will teach you whatever you are interested in.

Requirements: Core Requirements and Evaluation Meeting with the Service Director and/or the Creative Arts Pastor.