Contact: Kathryn Franklin

Coffee House Hours

Sunday: 10:00am - 10:30am
Wednesday: 6:00pm-6:30pm

How We Got Started

Our Connections Ministry literally started with a table set up in the foyer, a few pots of coffee, and some doughnut holes. The idea was to get people connecting when they came for service. What better way to do that than over a cup of coffee?

Before long, people were coming to church a little earlier just to hang out. Our vision has definitely grown over the last few years. We now have the coffee shop, Cafe Express, and a sitting area in the foyer! It's an exciting place to be on Sunday mornings! Hope you will join us!

Getting Involved

Connections is comprised of several areas working together as one team: the Greeting Ministry, the Usher Ministry, and Café Connections. Our goal is to make people feel at home. Unfortunately, people often come to church and feel unwelcomed. Our job is simply to serve as we find new people and greet them with a friendly smile and a kind word, just as we would if we were welcoming them into our homes.


Greeters are the first interaction most new visitors will have. Greeters pass out bulletins, answer questions, and give directions to anyone that might need them. Their most important task, however, is simpy to smile and make sure that everyone that walks through the door feels welcome.

Cafe Connections

Café Connections workers open and staff the café on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. They make coffee, and provide warm and friendly service. Our café gives people an opportunity to connect and sit down with a snack and a cup of coffee. We’re all about building relationships.

Usher Teams

The Ushers serve on Sunday mornings and special events and help with any sudden needs that might arise during the service. They help visitors find seats, take up the offering, and pass out anything that needs to be passed out. The Usher ministry is all about being flexible and getting done what needs to be done.