Pastoral Care

Contact: Pastor Milton

Pastoral care at Grace Temple is about giving and receiving. Further information about all of the following areas please contact Pastor Milton Miskel (see information on about us page under staff). You can receive and give through:

Spiritual Guidance

You may have questions about prayer or bible study or you may be dealing with some emotional issues. Our ministry staff would love to assist you. In some cases, our best assistance involves referrals to licensed counselors. You may make an appointment with our ministry staff by calling our offices at 601.264.0593 and asking for administrative assistant Christi Murry.

Giving opportunity: becoming a mentor or altar minister upon pastoral approval.

Intercessory Prayer

By writing on a connections card, you are able to get your brothers and sisters at Grace Temple involved in praying for you. You may also send your request via email or you may call the church office to give the request.

Giving opportunity: You may want to be involved in either our prayer chain or email intercessors ministry.

Leadership Seminars GT101, 201, and 301

These are leadership seminars that are both preparation and a requirement for involvement in ministry. They are taught live and via video. These classes prepare you through informing you of our beliefs and giving you information that helps you decide how best to focus your energies. Level 101 is for a level 1 position, 201 for level 2, and 301 for level 3.

The Care Ministry

The crisis care ministry allows others in the church family to minister to your needs and seeks to meet practical needs related to crises such as a loss of a family member or hospitalization. Such needs include providing meals for families in crisis as well as running errands and helping with housework or yard work.

The Benevolence Ministry

This ministry offers financial assistance for needs related to daily living such as utility bills and housing.

Giving opportunity: You may want to become a donor and that can be done by simply filling an envelope with a donation and marking benevolence. We have had some even donate automobiles or other items to help those in need.

Medical Procedure and Hospital Ministry

When a member goes into the hospital or is involved in any medical procedure, our ministry staff would love to assist by being in attendance and praying with you before surgery as well as visiting as need arises. The crisis care ministries (benevolence and care ministries) are activated on your behalf with your approval.

Giving opportunity: You may want to be trained for hospital visitation.

Deacon Ministry

A team of family deacons assists you by offering personal contact and modeling Christian character. They will help you as they are a communication link from leadership to other members.

GT Transport

Drivers use the church vehicles to transport riders to church. This can be prearranged by calling the church office. At this time, our route is limited but we hope to expand as the need arises.

Giving opportunity: Become trained to be a driver