Core values

Core values...


We believe the Bible is the Word of God, and we seek to pattern our lives after its teachings. We believe God is alive and active and can energize our thoughts and ideas today in an inspirational manner.


We believe that a God of grace and responsibility leads us to redemption not condemnation. We believe that God is not the God of a second chance, but He is the God of another chance.


We seek to mature as believers that we might be consistent in what we believe, say, and do.


We believe in a personal God who can be immediately known and experienced in prayer, worship, Bible study, and everyday life.


We believe the power of God is as much a part of our lives as any objective reality.


We believe that service to our fellow man is service to God, and is a necessary part of the Christian experience.


We believe the gospel is to whosoever will, and our gatherings are open accordingly.


We believe individuals should integrate into a local church body to impact a city. We believe a local church body should integrate into the larger Body of Christ to impact the world.


We believe God instituted the family at creation and ordained that it be the foundational unit of society. We believe that the church is a type of family and should function accordingly.


We endeavor to keep the unity of the faith so that: we might live at peace, we might accomplish more than the sum of our individual abilities and efforts, and we might be a testimony to the world and they will know we are His disciples.


We believe the Great Commission is for each of us and for all of us. We seek to fulfill this commission locally through individual and corporate outreaches. We seek to fulfill this commission globally through support of long-term missionaries, sending out short-term mission teams, and raising up missionaries of every variety in the local body.

building the kingdom of God by building people